God Knows

“God Knows” by Joan Y. Edwards

  1. God knows what kind of car you drive. He loves it when you drive people who don’t have transportation.
  2. God knows how big your house is.  Joy fills his heart when you welcome others into your home.
  3. God knows how many clothes are in your closet. He rewards you when you help put clothes on others.
  4. God knows how much money you make. He increases it when you share a portion of it with others.
  5. God knows your job title. He helps you rise higher when you do your job to the best of your ability.
  6. God knows how many friends you have. He smiles each time you act friendly toward other people, even if they don’t act friendly toward you.
  7. God knows the neighborhood where you live. He is proud of all that you do your part to keep it safe, clean, neat, and orderly.
  8. God knows the color of your skin. He is happy when you treat others with respect, regardless of their skin color.
  9. God knows your strengths and weaknesses.  He celebrates when you accept yourself and others as you are and choose to follow in His footsteps.
  10. God knows how many people you meet on His path. He rejoices when you take time to encourage others on their trails  He loves you very much.

I received an email entitled “God Won’t Ask on the Last Day.”  I decided to put a different spin to it. God already knows the answers. I hope you like it.

Here’s a link to the same poem that was in the email, but my email didn’t have Lil Phoenix’s name. I found this one online.

Lil Phoenix. “Ten Things God Won’t Ask on THAT Day” (poem): http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/ten-things-god-won-t-ask-on-that-day/

The following link mentions even more things that God won’t ask.

“God Won’t Ask” (poem): http://www.holybible.com/resources/poems/ps.php?sid=180

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God bless you.
Celebrate God’s Love for You
Joan Y. Edwards

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Coloring Sheets for Christmas

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Here are four sites that allow you to download Christmas coloring pages free. I thought perhaps you might like to use them for your family, friends, Sunday School, or Children’s Liturgy.

1. Bible Coloring Pages http://www.coloring-page.net/bible.html

2. Coloring Book Fun-Christian http://coloringbookfun.com/christian/

3. Christian Christmas Coloring Pages http://www.calvarywilliamsport.com/christian_christmas_coloring_pages.html

4. Microsoft Office Templates: Coloring Book Pages for Christmas http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/results.aspx?qu=books#ai:TC010360982|

May the Peace of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be within you, beside you, behind you, and in front of you.

Joan Y. Edwards

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Catholic Faith Education Newsletter

Catholic Faith Education Newsletter is now published online at http://www.silk.net/RelEd/ezine1.htm. I believe you will find resources to help you there. 

  • Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog
  • Resources for Feast Days, and Special Days
  • Resources on the Sunday and Daily Readings
  • Blog World Resources
  • Technology and Religious Education
  • Articles Online
  • Previous issues

Gilles Cote does a great job of gathering resources for Children’s Liturgy and Religious Education.

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Old Testament and New Testament Stories and Coloring Sheets on Children’s Chapel.org








Dear Children’s Liturgy Leaders,

Here is a good resource:


It has free stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

They are listed by the names of the Bible Characters and also by the listing of the Scripture.

It has pictures for children to color.

It has bookmarks you can print out and color with a Bible verse on it.

It has puzzles to print out.

It also has links to coloring books you can purchase.

It think you might enjoy using them with your Children’s Liturgy or Sunday School Class.

Do something good for you.


Joan Y. Edwards