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The January-February 2012 edition of the Catholic Faith Education Newsletter is now online at

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You can find clip art, coloring pages, homilies, readings, and activities for Sundays in January and February. You can view technology and religion articles. These are all free resources.

Have fun finding just what you need for your Children’s Liturgy, Children’s Church, or Sunday School ministry.

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Links for My Children’s Liturgy Resources for November 27, 2011

Dear Children’s Liturgy Leaders, Leaders of Children’s Church, or Sunday School Teachers,

I thought I would let you know the resources available on my website: For example: For the first Sunday in Advent, November 27th, 2011 I have the following items: a devotional explaining the Gospel in language children understand. A wordsearch puzzle that can be worked online (interactive one) or printed out (pdf). A crossword puzzle that can be worked online or can be printed out. I also have a skit for this particular Sunday. I’d like to have a skit for each Sunday. If I had people who told me they would act them out with their classes, it would inspire me to go ahead and write them. The skit for November 27th is a brand new one. It’s not using the Gospel for that Sunday but it’s appropriate for the beginning of Advent.

I have links to all of the works like this in a file called: Related Links for Cycle A,  Related Links for Cycle B, and Related Links for Cycle C.

To print more than one copy, you must have permission from me.

November 27, 2011 B1, 1st Sunday in Advent, Be Alert, Mark 13:33-37


Wordsearch Interactive
Wordsearch Print PDF

Crossword Interactive
Crossword Print PDF
Skit  John 8:12 and Psalm 119

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Catholic Faith Education Newsletter

Catholic Faith Education Newsletter is now published online at I believe you will find resources to help you there. 

  • Resources Featured on the Catholic Faith Education Blog
  • Resources for Feast Days, and Special Days
  • Resources on the Sunday and Daily Readings
  • Blog World Resources
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Gilles Cote does a great job of gathering resources for Children’s Liturgy and Religious Education.

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Six Online Resources for Children’s Liturgy

1. Resources for Catholic Educators

2 Mary Kate Warner

a. Ezine Articles

b. Online Bible Games

3. Catholic Mom

4. Catholic Children’s Liturgy

5. Growing with the Gospel, K-1 or 2-3, Liturgical Publications

I wrote the devotional, prayer, mission statement, and text for something to draw for the K-1 sample below. I edited the Growing with the Gospel, 2-3. I was educational consultant for both versions and for all Cycle A, Cycle B, and Cycle C.

 K-1 Sample of Growing with the Gospel Order from: Liturgical Publications. Phone: 1-800-950-9952 Ext 2469

6. Children’s Liturgy devotionals, puzzles, and skits at Joan Y. Edwards’ Website

I hope you enjoy these resources and find them useful and inspiring. Do something good for you today.

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Children’s Liturgy Is a Wonderful Thing

Instead of writing a newsletter or having a yahoo group to send messages about Children’s Liturgy, I decided to change and write a blog about Children’s Liturgy. I hope people will ask questions and give their opinions. I’ll give references to my website with devotionals, wordsearch and crossword puzzle, and skits for children’s liturgy. I’ll also post about other resources for Children’s Liturgy on my website:

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Thanks for reading. What would you like to read here? What resources do you need for your children’s liturgy service or children’s church?

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