Annual Report for Joan’s Children’s Liturgy Blog for 2011

Dear Readers,

I am thankful for you. I’ve had over 1,800 readers. WordPress compiled a few statistics about this Joan’s Children’s Liturgy Blog:

I started it in April 2011. So these statistics are for 8 months. There hasn’t been much interaction.  The time I put the links to my website got me 135 readers. Perhaps I could do that more often in 2012. I had a Yahoo Group to announce new items on my website until April, 2011. I thought I’d be able to reach more with a blog. With the Yahoo Group, I accessed about 30 people. This blog accessed at least 135 and perhaps even more different readers. So that’s a plus.

If you have any ideas of things of things you would like for me to post information or devotionals to help you the adult leaders, or things that are missing for Children’s Liturgy resources on the internet or otherwise, let me know.  Ask me questions. Give me comments.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Give praise to God today for all that you have.
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2012 Joan Y. Edwards


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