A Spirit of Thankfulness

A spirit of thankfulness brings you more of what you are thankful for:
I am thankful for God, who is beside me right now.
I am thankful for family.
I am thankful for friends.
I am thankful for strangers who stop to help those in need.
I am thankful for knowledge that helps me make good choices.
I am thankful for children who help us to laugh.
I am thankful for food on our tables.
I am thankful for transportation to get me here and there.
I am thankful for the sunshine and positive words that keep me from despair.
I am thankful for God’s word that gives me guidance in how to live.
I am thankful people are willing to share.
I am thankful for homes that warm our hearts and our bodies.
I am thankful for people of all faiths who minister to the needs of our souls.
I am thankful that you have read my blog.
I ask God to bless you and give you whatever you need to help grow the seed of love he placed in you at birth.
I ask God to bless you with the spirit of mirth.

Believe in Yourself as God believes in you.
He knows you are good. He made you that way.
Joan Y. Edwards


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