Children’s Liturgy Is a Wonderful Thing

Instead of writing a newsletter or having a yahoo group to send messages about Children’s Liturgy, I decided to change and write a blog about Children’s Liturgy. I hope people will ask questions and give their opinions. I’ll give references to my website with devotionals, wordsearch and crossword puzzle, and skits for children’s liturgy. I’ll also post about other resources for Children’s Liturgy on my website:

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Thanks for reading. What would you like to read here? What resources do you need for your children’s liturgy service or children’s church?

Joan Y. Edwards


2 comments on “Children’s Liturgy Is a Wonderful Thing

  1. “Childrens Liturgy Is a Wonderful Thing | Joan’s Children’s Liturgy” was indeed certainly pleasurable and insightful!
    Within todays universe honestly, that is really difficult to carry out.
    Regards, Janis

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